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In 2006 we had a vision and at the same time a great business opportunity: to be the only producer of mayonnaise and seasoning in the Central Region, North West and North East of Argentina. Then we founded Airsa in Moisés Ville, Province of Santa Fe. This is in the heart of a region that provides the best commodities, which combined with a specialized know how unable us to accomplish our Mission: Investigate, develop and produce quality dressings. This strategic perspective and Vision quickly consolidated Airsa as a leading provider of services to the big brands of massive food consumption in the Argentinian market.


we started producing Mayonnaise and “golf sauce” (typical Argentinian mix of Mayonnaise with ketchup and spices) for brand "La Campagnola", Arcor SAIC.


begun the production of special dressings for the brand Alicante, Cafés La Virginia SA.


the company made Investments in technology and as result increased production capacity by 30%, reaching 5 Million litres.


Readjustment of industrial procedures. It was developed the automation of Chemical cleaning lines and it was acquired a new emulsion equipment with programmed recipes.


A new industrial plant “Aderezos Sancor CUL" was acquired. New equipment for movement, mixing and dispersion of solids was added to the process.

Quality & technology

From the access of raw material to the delivery of our products, high quality standards and compliance with Quality and Safety Standards guarantee the entire manufacturing process.
The plant is equipped with:

  • European emulsion technology for different products with automatically programmed recipes for each client.
  • European technology for fractionation process in a flexible "Doypack".
  • Automated line endings.
  • Physical, chemical and organoleptic Laboratory control.
  • Microbiological controls made by a specialized laboratory for the industry.
ISO 22000

Production processes certified under ISO 22000 Standards.
Safety and quality of our products are guaranteed.

Quality, Production Flexibility, and Service.
The Essential ingredients for an irresistible business.

Our high technology performance provides us with high production flexibility that aims to give quick answers to the constant opportunities of the market: We research market trends, develop and produce unique recipes for each brand with international flavour specialists.
We develop and design innovative presentations in Doypack.
We assure an excellent service in times of production, volumes and logistics.

Your company defines a product profile for the target market.

Your company defines a product profile for the target market.

Airsa develops product alternatives working with prestigious flavour specialized testers.

Airsa develops product alternatives working with prestigious flavour specialized testers.

The result: the products in your company warehouse

The result: the products in your company warehouse.

The dressings.
A market in constant growth.

each Argentine consumes 1.7 kilograms of mayonnaise per year. This number places Argentinian among the most egg-based dressings in Latin America, and is surpassed worldwide only by Eastern European countries, which are the largest consumers on a global scale. This average consumption in mayonnaise eating habits in our country makes of the dressings market an exquisite business for all those brands that share their distribution chain. As for example: dairy brands, cold meats and sausages, and all kinds of foods or complementary products for dressings. It is as well a high profitability business opportunity for all those companies that produce some of their essential raw materials, such as oil or eggs.

Chile y Argentina
#1 Chile
#2 Argentina
1,7 kg por año
1.7 kg per year

is the average consumption of each Argentine.

1,7 kg por año

of households in Argentina consume Mayonnaise category products.

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